Tuition Options

Monthly (no obligation) - $48 | Fall Semester - $165 | Spring Semester - $165 | Summer Semester - $125

Our tuition options are specifically designed to assist our students throughout the year. While enrolled, students are offered the following services: Two (2) Sessions per month that are six (6) hours long and include members of the entire team. During the sessions, students may choose consultation from any coaches on any event. Our coaches will be in attendance the entire time. The sessions are scheduled by Act1. Students will be offered one (1) private session per month at his/her convenience. The private session will be no longer than two (2) hours. Students are offered one (1) of each script selection and script cutting per semester. Each enrolled student will received a 50% discount of any additional services selected during enrollment.

OSSAA/NFL Speech & Debate Administrator's Workshop - $400.00

It is the goal of Act1 to reveal the importance of forensics in education. Forensics build students' confidence and their ability to outwardly express themselves. Students who are in Speech & Debate have higher grade point averages and are more successful in their future endeavors. Act1 offers this workshop to educate school administrators and teachers of the fundamental requirements in beginning a successful competitive Speech and Debate program.

*This service is a 3 day workshop on OSSAA Competitive Speech and Debate. Teachers, school administrators, and school board members may attend.

OSSAA/NFL Speech & Debate Centered Instruction (One Lesson) - $30.00/Individual - $45.00/Duet

Lessons include tutoring for One-Act auditions, instruction on a student's character for one-act, Lincoln-Douglas And Cross-Examination Debate case development, selection and cutting of scripts for individual event season, instruction on all individual events, instruction on district and national individual events. Students participating in individual lessons are expected to have a fundamental knowledge of their events.

*Tutoring may take place in the students home (mileage fees may apply) or the instructor's office.
*Each lesson would have a 2 hour maximum. There is no minimum number of lessons required.

OSSAA One Act Critique - Free**

Services would include critiques for a competitive one act play sponsored by an OSSAA participating school.

*Appointments are to be made by Speech and Debate Coaches only.
**Mileage fees may apply.

Public Speaking Lessons

This service includes tutoring on how to present one's self in an effective and confident manner. People who qualify for these lessons could be professionals who have to make presentations in their careers, students who have an interest in public speaking, or citizens who want to be more involved with their communities. Act1 offers three different levels of public speaking training. Each level is a series of 10 lessons.

Introduction to Public Speaking - $250.00

Intermediate Public Speaking - $265.00

Advanced Public Speaking - $295.00

Act1 suggests completing all three courses of study.
*Each lesson will be a two hour maximum.
*Lessons may take place at the student's home (mileage fees may apply) or the instructor's office.

General Acting Lessons

These services include tutoring for all ages on how to make yourself the best performer. Whether you intend to use your abilities for hobby or profession, Act1 provides the lessons necessary to increase your performance.

Children's Acting - $250.00

Ages 2 through 12 - 10 Lessons

Beginner Acting - $200.00

10 Lessons

Intermediate Acting - $235.00

10 Lessons

Advanced Acting - $285.00

10 Lessons

Script Selection - $25.00

Intended for competitors in OSSAA Speech individual events. Act1 will evaluate your skills and match them with the perfect script. **Script costs not included.

Script Cutting - $25.00+

Intended for competitors in OSSAA Speech individual events. Act1 will make sure you get the most out of your script by expertly cutting it down to fit your event.

Audition Preparation - $30.00 per Lesson

We want you to get the lead part you've always been wanting! Let Act1 prepare you for that audition!

Interview Preparation - $50.00

Land that job you've been seeking! Let Act1 prepare you for a job interview through a basic course in interview preparation.


Introduction to Cross Examination Debate - $275.00 (per team)

10 Lessons

Intermediate Cross Examination - $150.00 (per team)

5 Lessons

Advanced Cross Examination Concepts - $150.00 (per team)

5 Lessons

Building a More Effective Affirmative Case - $35.00 (per student)

8 hour course, 5 student minimum

Topicality: A Negative Strategy - $75.00 (per student)

4-6 hour course, no minimum student requirement

Affirmative Case Review (Paper Study) - $50.00

Affirmative Case Review (Mock Debate) - $150.00

Debate your case against state champions in a full length cross examination round.

Negative Strategy Review (Mock Debate) - $150.00

Refine your skills against our state champions against an affirmative case of your choice.