About Us

fo•ren•sic (fəˈrɛn sɪk)

1. pertaining to or used in courts of law or in public debate.
2. adapted or suited to argumentation; rhetorical.

Act1 is a company which was created to help those in and out of the forensic world improve their talents and confidence in public speaking and acting. We adhere to the belief that forensics should be prevalent in our education systems across all age groups. In the day and age of social media and handheld electronics, we seek to develop the skills necessary to drop the keyboard and communicate ideas effectively though communication arts.

The Founder


My name is Nicole Allen and I am the face behind Act1. My acting career started when entered Competitive High School Speech & Debate at the age of 14. During my high school career, I stared as the lead female role in my Sophomore, Junior, and Senior One-Act play and received awards for All-Region cast. I also received All-State in Dramatic Duet my Sophomore and Junior years and All-State in Dramatic Interpretation my Junior year. Among my placings at the state competition, I also received 3rd in Lincoln-Douglas Debate and 4th in Cross-Examination Debate. My Junior year, I also qualified in Dramatic Duo for the National Speech and Debate tournament in Philadelphia, PA. My senior year, I also participated in the play Annie at the Southwest Playhouse in Clinton, Oklahoma. I was selected for 2 roles, one being a solo scene within the play. I was awarded an acting scholarship from the Southwest Playhouse. During high school I also participated in Girl's State where I had many opportunities to publicly speak in a political setting.

After high school, I studied at Southwestern Oklahoma State University where I majored in Speech Communication Arts and Minored in Education. I participated in Theatre and completed many courses which enhanced my talents and abilities to educate others in public speaking and acting. After graduating high school I also became an active judge for various schools at Speech and Debate competitions and have had a chance to work one on one with many students, many of which have made it to the final rounds of State and Districts competition.

Forensics is a large part of my life. I was lost and without purpose when I discovered that which enriched my life.

I was 12 years old and considered to be one of the quietest people in my class. I was unsure of myself but content with my life. That is, until my father and best friend passed away. After months of being in a hospital bed, the family made the heart crushing decision to let him go. He slipped away as I stood helplessly at his side. It was the most devastating and traumatic event of my life. I lost all my friends and my drive for life. My grades dropped and the world around me was falling apart. I felt like this until I entered Mrs. Elerick's speech and debate class.

When I first signed up for the class, I didn't think much of it. I don't remember having any excitement going in. But, when I walked into that class and saw Mrs. E's smiling face, I knew I had just joined a family. There was no judgement. There weren't any cliques. There were just talented people of all kinds enjoying the power of the arts.

Mrs. E saw something in me; something no one else had ever seen. Inside the girl with dark makeup, black clothes, and "life sucks" attitude, she saw talent and potential. Knowing what she saw in me sparked a flame that would rage into a wildfire.

I started writing, acting, and debating and came to the realization that I was actually pretty good. I didn't make it to state my first year but I was first alternate in Original Oratory. My confidence went down slightly because I saw so many of my classmates go on to the state tournament, but Mrs. E insisted that I only work harder and refuse to be beat the next year. That's exactly what I did.

Although Mrs. E had left Cordell Public Schools when I returned the next year, I did my best to win. Not only for me, but for the person who shaped me into the person I wanted to be. You can see what I was able to accomplish and how deeply forensics has shaped my life. I graduated high school in 2006 with exceptional speaking skills, a high self esteem, and I know that I can help others do the same.

The secret is not having natural Angelina Jolie acting abilities or Barack Obama speaking abilities. It's about overcoming your fears, having someone lead you in the right direction, and gaining confidence in one's own self. Presenting yourself to others can become second nature for anyone. That is what I can do for you.